“Imploring World”

Some dwell sleepy,
in city of dreams,
Some dwell creepy,
in city of screams,
the city is one but who divides whom?
One kite flies to No height,in Sky,
here who tugs whom?
Peace for all but wars freely roam,
some smile,some cry
but No one hugs one form.

Some sense envy,in city of sedition,
Some sense zeal,in city of volition,
The souls are same but who defies whom?
One flag hoists for No time,in air,
here who sucks up whom?
All hate lies but truth truly burns,
some-exult,some-yell But No one dabs bad Foam.

Some thrive daily,in city of Veracity,
Some starve daily,in city of Venality,
world is one but who halts whom?
All wish for utopia but sloth makes reign,
Races want races but just dwarfs win,
The Shadows are same but light defeats them,
Some palliate,Some founder but No one rubs blames.

Shubham Agnihotri


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