My Angel

My Angel has flown,away,

but dropped his remains,golden rays,

he’s gone,made myself done,

done to ascend,in destiny’s lane.

Now don’t bewail,my greedy eyes,

his smile was an omen,for future sight,

you can’t see,too bright,

just show me the path that,i decide,

Now don’t vex me,my imbecile mind,

his wings was mentor,

lightened my way in-night,

you can’t conceive,too pristine,

just walk along,on my dawn’s plan,

Now don’t cry,my abysmal heart,

his shadow was a spirit,

erases my ignorance,of dark,

you can’t perceive,too adroit,

I Grab my luck,like palm in palm,

My angel has flown,away,

here his memories will last,

lasts when; I’m young,while flashes in grey,

My Angel has flown away.


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